This Robotics is the first step towards your career of robotics engineering. Here at EFY, we help the trainees get a roll of mechanical as well as electronic hardware used in making of a robot. You are exposed to programming of a microcontroller which is used to control the motion of the platform and arm of the robot. You will learn to create a robot that has a platform which moves in all direction in horizontal plane, is capable of arm movement and lifting objects.

Day 1
Introduction to Robotics
Introduction to block diagram of RF controlled Robotic platform
Explanation of H Bridge & Encoder, Decoder  ICs  DC Motors and  Tx and Rec set
Explanation of circuit diagram

Day 2

Brief introduction to Micro controller Atmega8
Architecture of Atmega8 MCU
Pin Description of  Atmega8 MCU
Data  and  Program memory
Discussion of Instruction set used in Robotic Program
Writing of Programs in Assembly Language

Day 3

Writing of  a program for blinking of  LED on PORTB
Introduction to Atmel studio
.Simulation of the program for blinking of  LED on PORTB on Atmel studio
Demonstration  of  the program  on hard ware
Interfacing of Keypad to Atmega8MCU
Explanation  of the program

Day 4

Explanation  of hard ware  and electronic  components used
Assembling & Soldering of components on PCB

Day 5

Making of Line follower robot

Making of path fire fighting robot

Day 6

Assembling of Chassis of Robotic platform
Testing & final assembly of circuit
Doubt clearing session