Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is the hottest low-cost computing platform that enables you to create interesting applications with basic programming languages. This open source hardware opens a whole new world to create interesting hardware scenarios.

This 5 day training on R-Pi will cover the basics of what you need to get up and running with the Raspberry Pi.

Unlike other centers who offer nothing but basic setup+some fun projects, this course at EFY tech center is fundamental. It is like teaching A B C (alphabets) and grammar and then what essay someone writes with it is purely his/her creativity.

And as our courses are backed by hands on training, you are sure that every thing you are learning can be implemented practically.

Day 1

– Introduction & installation of Raspberry Pi
– Introduction to on board hardware
– Basic set up and first boot configuration

Day 2

– Configuration of Network setup, Remote access and proxy setup
– Basic Linux commands
– Basic GUI software installation

Day 3

– Controlling GPIOs
– Interfacing of LEDs, Switches, Motors
– Interfacing of Sensors, Seven Segment display, LCD

Day 4

– Interfacing Camera and GPS interface
– Programming choices

Day 5


Final day project:
“Web Based Home Automation System”