Basics of Electronics

Basics of Electronics

Designing, building and maintaining sophisticated electronics systems is one of the most exciting career avenue these days. And you can be a part of it!

Our basics of electronics training will help prepare your basics for this exciting career. This course course aims to provide the trainees an overview of the basic electronic concepts like:

Inductors and transformers
Transistors and TRIAC
Op Amplifier in Comparator mode
555 timer
Optical devices

Additionally our hands-on training will enable you to acquire the confidence and knowledge needed to repair, maintain and program electronics equipment used in the industry today. You’ll acquire a hands-on experience with PCBs, soldering irons and techniques, test components, project boards and more!

Day 1

Module 1:
– Resistors Types, Functions, Characteristics
– Capacitors Types Functions, Characteristics
– Diodes Types, Functions, Characteristics
– Seven Segment
– Timer 555 Astable and monostable circuits
– Hands on exercise with Timer 555

Day 2

Module 2:
– Transistor as a switch
– Relays
– Op Amplifier in Comparator mode :
– Hands on exercise with Resistors, Relays, Transistor and Op Amplifier

Day 3

Module 3:
– Soldering technique

Module 4:
– Construction of a minor project